Vitamin-mineral premixes

These have been tailored to the specifications of each of the productive species (pigs, cattle, sheep, goats, rabbits and poultry, etc..) in both the low density variety (Macro premixes) and high density variety (Micro premixes). They are also suitable at each stage of production: initiation, growth, reproduction, lactation, ad-libitum…

At GUADALEN NUTRICION to offer our clients the widest possible range of products we produce, in each variety, three lines of complements. BASIC RANGE PREMIXES: Optimised vitamin and mineral mixes of unbeatable value.

SPECIAL PREMIXES: Supplements with phytase and other enzyme additives, vegetable extracts and essential oils, antioxidant complexes for meat and enhanced levels of vitamins and minerals each with a specific end result in mind, high production, final aspect of meat, etc.

SPECIALLY ADAPTED PREMIXES: These are products which are designed and produced to the requirements of the client.


This section gives a general overview of the specifications of the different lines of PREMIXES currently produced by GUADALEN.

The generic concentrations of the VITAMIN-MINERAL PREMIXES and the MINERAL FEED are 3 x 1000 and 3x 100 respectively.